Monday, August 2, 2010

Time Flies...

...When you're as busy as we are! I can't believe that it has been two weeks since our camping trip, and all that has happened since, and I haven't shared it here yet. I am so sorry, to those who don't follow me, but just pop in now and again to see what I've posted. I hate to keep you all wondering and waiting for the goods. There are so many people who tell me that they read my blog faithfully. Here's your call, folks - leave me a comment, chew me out for leaving you hangin' in the wind. It's easy - just hit the comment button at the bottom of this post. Even if you don't have a Google account, you can leave a comment by choosing Anonymous from the little drop down menu (Comment as...) after you say what you want to say. Just sign your name at the end of your comment so I know who you are. I LOVE to hear from those who visit us here - it is nice to know you are out there reading. I feel so lonely when no one comments.
Part of the issue with me not posting is that Laini has started rolling over like her survival depends on it. Which means my little wonderful sleeper, whom I used to put to bed and not hear from until 6 hours later, now squirms and rolls over, waking herself up sometimes as many as 5 times before I give up what I'm doing and go to bed with her. She is also getting really good at fighting sleep, almost as good as Maxwell, so that between the two of them, it sometimes takes me 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get them both to sleep at night. I can start at 8 pm, sometimes earlier, and if I'm lucky they'll both finally be asleep at 10 or so. Then I can start something, if I have managed to stay awake. Yeah, most nights I just don't have the will power to stay awake while lying in bed with two warm little bodies for an hour and a half, reading, then singing and nursing, then singing some more. Imagine that. I'll wake up around midnight or one, on nights when Adam is out of town for work, turn off the lights and go back to bed. Tonight, he's obviously here, and made sure I got up, so here I am to post! Yay! I have some gluten-free graham crackers in the oven (thank you Gluten-Free Girl!! ), because VBS starts bright and early tomorrow morning, and they are serving graham crackers. I have a list of the week's food, so that every morning I can walk into the cafeteria with my containers marked for Bella and Kane, with their allergy-friendly foods to match the menu. Most people say, "Oh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all those allergies! What a pain." Me, I think it's fun, and I like being up after midnight making homemade graham crackers for my kids.Plus, I'm building memories for them and for me - I just went upstairs to the pitter-patter of little feet to find Max outside of the bedroom door, with sleepy eyes. He said, "Me mell, me mell FOOD. WHY?" We eat healthier, I know what is going into their delicate little systems, and I have a reason to be trying new recipes! I just can't wait until Thursday - Pamela's Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies are just waiting to be layered with some homemade (rice and coconut milk) tapioca pudding for dirt desert, complete with Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes for worms. Yum.

So, I will soon get around to camping stories and pictures, and our fun weekend a week ago, with photo shoots (to be coming on my new Narratives Photography blog - I'll put a link to it when I get it all ready!) and a creek-splashin' Sunday trip. For now, I need to go get that new blog ready - I have a lot of photo shoots coming up, and I want to let you all have a little sampling of my favorite pics! I'll leave you with a quick introduction to our old neighbor, our Carolina Wren couple, who decided this year that a good spot for their nest would be my Ponytail Palm. We're trying to use the front door less frequently, and since we found the nest a few weeks ago (Mama flew out at me when I was watering), there are now three eggs in it. Can't wait for babies. I may surround my porch with animal repellent to try to ward off the neighborhood cats. Thankfully, she picked the highest plant on the porch, and it's in the back with a ton of plants on either side and in front. And she picked the plant that needs the least amount of water. Thank you, Mrs. Wren.

Can you see the one tiny speckled egg in the bottom left corner of the entry hole? I know it's not really clear, but this was a hard shot to get. I didn't want to disturb her for long.

Mmmm, I think I'll have one more piece of warm, corner graham cracker and go to bed. I'll have to get used to posting during the day so I can be more regular. Just remember, friends, the squeeky wheel gets the oil. Help me post more often by nagging me in comments!


  1. I do have you on my list of blogs I check. Sorry, I need to be more vigilant on leaving comments. I just love Carolina Wrens. I had one over the winter that was stashing seeds in our window sill. The year we had a Phoebe nesting in our shed. Birds are so relaxing to watch, unless of course one in dive bombing your head!

  2. Great post girl, I had a comment all typed up and lost it some how. So I'll just say hope the kids have a great week at VBS, Love ya, Nan

  3. it's really 8:23AM, I was asleep at 5!!!!

  4. Lovely post on caring for children as well as birds! I used to do the same thing for certain groups I was in, except that I would volunteer to be in charge of all the food, not because my children had allergies, but just to be sure they weren't drinking Kool-Aid and eating Cheetos!

    Wonderful post.
    Tonya (from the farmer's market~smile~)

  5. Shanda, we love Carolina Wrens, and Phoebes are one of my favorites, too. Tons of personality in those birds. Thanks for stopping by!
    Mom, I need to check into the time. I've noticed that before. I'll get it fixed...
    Tonya, I'm so glad you're "here!" I do have a good excuse in the allergies to make sure they are getting wholesome foods, but I also am broad on my list of allergens. I have my proven ones, like wheat, but I say they're allergic to artificial color and preservatives, too, because I believe everyone is :-). When I get to a point when the kids are older, I'm sure I'll start to help with more food planning in groups, too. It feels good to know you're providing healthy alternatives, even to those who don't care!

  6. I look on here about once a week to see what new adventures you and the family are doing. It's a great way to keep in touch with old friends!
    Val Lude :)