Saturday, August 21, 2010

Night Time Camping Fun

These are the last images and stories I want to share with you from our recent camping trip. Are you tired of camping with us yet? If you are, that's good, because it's time to go to bed. But just before we do that, take a look at the glorious moon shining down on our tents.

Are you up for a few sparklers in the dark? Because a few of the kids were. Aidan did a great job.

 Bella framed nicely in sparkler.

And Regan got a perfect swirl.

There's always just enough time left for some flashlight fun by the campfire.

Then it's time to bed for all. I had to do some work with this image, but I wanted to really be able to see all of my kids, sprawled out in our tent. They all slept great after wearing themselves out on hikes, climbing and play with friends and filling up with good food.

Now that is good stuff.

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  1. I think it looks like they really had a blast, the sparkler pictures are great, was Max already asleep when they were doing that? Love the flash lite ones too. Nan