Thursday, August 19, 2010

What The Toddlers Did

The toddlers and camping... What fun. They did a lot of mud hunting.
 They did some rock throwing in the run-off for the soon-to-be pond.

They got nice and dirty.

They rode their Papa's/Daddy's shoulders when their legs got tired of hiking. We have a picture of them on the guys backs in carriers from two winters ago. Love it.

Max did a whole lot of Ranger riding. They explored lots of woods on this thing, driving a bit, then turning it off to listen/watch. They found me a beautiful snipe. Shoulda' taken the camera for him, he was right in the trail when they took me back to look at him, strutting his stuff. Lovely.

And Aidan spent those times when mine were on the Ranger on the big blue tractor with Daddy. It's his favorite place to be, and at the end of a long day, it's the place where he just couldn't keep those eyes open any longer.
They might not remember this trip when they're older, but we have these pictures, and we're setting them up for a life time of memories just like these ones.

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  1. I love the mud hunting, and it seems they had not trouble finding it!!! I remember that picture of them on the guys backs, but this is good, you can tell Aidan had found that mud by his back side. Nan