Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Narratives Photography Blog

Drum roll, please.... I have launched my Narratives Photography blog! You can stop by there to see what I am doing with my business as well as get a sneak peek at recent sessions. I'm still playing with the layout of it all, and I'm not sure if I have it where I want it. Stop by and let me know what you think!
On a short personal note, Helena has had a yeasty diaper rash for the last week. I have it under control now, and it was never terrible, but the last couple of days she has been cranky, and I just realized today that she has thrush, which, for those who don't know, is a yeast overgrowth in her mouth. Ugh. I have had some friends whom have battled thrush for so long in the past, and now that I know what it is, I really hope we can get rid of it quickly. Max has it also. So far it hasn't spread to Bella or Kane (they're not still nursing), but that is a possibility if we're not careful now with drinking glasses and other normally shared things in our family, like utensils. I'm going to have to be completely off of all carbs/grains/sugars and we'll load up on probiotics and immune boosters and other good things for our bodies. Please pray for my will power and our recovery from this hostile take-over. I suppose I'll have to take away Laini's new favorite teether - a nice, squeeky, pickling cucumber from our garden. I can't really disinfect a cucumber. She would go for tomatoes if I would let her:
This day I was making dinner, and I couldn't get them far enough away on the counter where she couldn't reach them. My children have all had the best concentration faces. When they are really focused on something, and their lips are pursed, and their eyebrows drawn. I'm always trying to capture that.

Can you really blame her, though? Seriously, look at all of the colors! We have so many cherry/grape/pear tomatoes this year it's insane.


Don't worry, she was perfectly safe. I was snatching them out of her hands the second she got ahold of one. But for now, the fresh produce teethers will have to make way for those few things that I can sanitize wash or boil until we are completely rid of this stupid candida.


  1. reading...reading... commenting...

    ;) Cute baby! Loverly tomatoes! :)

  2. love the slobber, it's like she saying, I just can't wait, and then she takes them from me, bummer! Nan