Friday, August 20, 2010

Introductions and Comparisons

Okay, I'm really just putting this picture in here because Ella is so absolutely adorable. But to incorporate it.... Let us try.
One of the highlights of our recent camping adventure with the Carlsons was getting to meet little miss Ella for the first time! (see, I CAN do it) She was two months old at the time of our camping trip, and I was beside myself waiting to meet her.
Judy and I had speculated, over the phone, that the girls might be close to the same size, even with Ella being 3 months younger than Laini. Not surprising, really, because Judy makes some nice, healthy babies, and Laini is our petite little girl, just like Bella was. Now, if Laini had been another Kane, the story would have been quite different. But we had to get the new additions together to make some comparisons.

Besides the obvious difference in age (it's amazing what a few months can do at this young age), they were very near to the same size.

 Little hands together - yep, pretty close.

And of course, the feet. Yep, same size! I love Judy's face in this picture. I look at it and can hear the laugh that came with it.

The girls are both about 15 pounds here. Ella will probably outgrow Laini eventually, if Laini keeps up her petiteness and Ella keeps up with her siblings' legacies. No matter, though, the important thing is that they get to grow together. And that's what we love.

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  1. Ella is a cutie. Those legs and arms are something else after being use to Laini. Hope they get to go camping together many more times, and are close friends like their older sisters. Nan