Thursday, August 26, 2010


I wanted to head out this weekend with a beautiful post up infused with garden goodness. Blogger does not want me to, however, as it will NOT let me add my pictures to the post. Bummer. Glitches are to be expected, I suppose, and maybe it's Divine Intervention, as I am scrambling to get ready for a weekend away. We are headed to Columbus bright and early Saturday morning - to beat the heat in our non-air conditioned van - for Bella to have her very first Homeschool Assessment (!) for our past Kindergarten year. And while we're at it, we figure it's a perfect time to spend Sunday at the ZOO (I may be more excited about this than the kids. If my life had not been graced with children, I surely would be working in a zoo or wildlife rehab center or something of the wild sort). It will be an exciting weekend for us all, and there will be plenty to share when we come home. Perhaps if I get the packing and baking all done, Blogger will be working again! Then again, it is 10 pm, and of course, after I finally get everyone to give in to sleep, what do I now hear on the monitor but Laini waking. She has a nasty rash on her back, most likely virus related, and we've been fighting thrush for about two weeks now. Her poor little mouth is so sore. Add to that trying to learn to crawl, and you don't have much sleep happening. Her little brain just can't handle all of the stimulation! So for now, until Blogger decides to stop flippin' out and constantly clicking when I hit the Insert Image tab (like it is right now - click, click, click, click - maddening I tell you), I will go to put my baby back to sleep for the third time and tell you that hopefully I'll get to give you pictures and updates soon. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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