Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Girls

Sooo, back to our camping trip, right? I am so behind on these posts, and now I'm going to be dealing with a lot of photo processing and canning/gardening that's backed up, so thanks for bearing with me. I'm going to be letting these pictures speak for themselves. I think you can tell without my words how happy Bella and Regan were to be back together again. Sure, they had their disagreements, but that's to be expected, and they were easily passed by for moments more worth their time. Like these...

One of the disagreements that they did have was that all of my kids, including Bella, were slightly obsessed with riding the Ranger with Papa. Bella really wanted Regan to go with them all the time, and Regan really didn't want to ride the Ranger. Which probably worked out for the best, because they could have a little time apart now and then. Plus, it gave Regan and Laini some time to bond while I was getting camp broke down.

I do have to say, that the big girls and the little girls of the bunch felt pretty much the same way. I guess if Judy and I were 6 we would have been running off together and holding hands all weekend too. Instead, we did a LOT of talking, smiling, laughing and just a little venting.

It's just what all the girls needed.

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  1. love these pictures, the girls seemed to be really enjoying themselves. All the girls, hope you post some pictures of Ella. See you Sat.