Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Antics

A little fun for you while I'm away. While you're reading this, we're all getting some much-needed family friend time with the Carlsons, our dear friends in from New York. We're camping, hiking, cooking, and having a grand old time. I wanted to share Helena's new fun-ness with you, though, and get a little better about posting more often.

I'm sure it helps that it's summer and I'm almost always in a tank top, but Helena is most definitely aware now of where her food comes from. When she starts to get hungry, she starts pulling at my shirt. 

Then she dives in, open mouth, growling and squeeling, slobbering all over what skin she can get to. Hello, seriously? At 5 months? I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the fourth will have to be the most outspoken and demanding. I have never expected to have an easy-going, timid child...

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