Friday, July 2, 2010

Helena at the Beach

Helena's happy time at our nearby lakeside beach had to do with plenty of hanging out on Mama's hip and nursing. There's nothing much better for a baby looking so cute in her tiny little bathing suit.

 She made some good faces for the camera.

And she got her all important footprint in the sand. It may have been bright, and she may not look like she particularly enjoyed herself, but it made for one heck of a nice blog header picture, didn't it?

She did hang with Papa for a bit after the older siblings were done with him, and was able to then get her feet a little wet. She DID enjoy that.

And in the end, there was some high-flyin' fun in Papa's big, strong hands, because the sky was so beautifully clear blue that I couldn't pass up the opportunity for the photo. With Adam's "Okay, honey, you've snapped 40 pictures now, don't you think that's enough?" I hope he counts it worth the effort for this picture.

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