Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maxwell at the Beach

Along with just being downright cute in the sand in his swim trunks...

Max did a whole lot of MeToo-ing on our recent lake beach trip. He did the sandcastle with Kane and buried Bella in the sand with Papa. He also had to be buried in the sand just like his big brother. That is a kind of trend for him.

He also had to do the crocodile walk just like Bella, which made for some cute pictures.

The rest of his time was spent just being two and having fun in the sand. Fortunately for me, his swim trunks are a tad on the loose side, which made for some great half-mast pictures.

Unfortunately for him, he will have to live with these for the rest of his life, including having them passed on to future wife and kids, hopefully. But, that's a right of passage that most of us have, the embarrassing pictures revealed...

The car ride home left him too tired to last, and chewing on his BiBi was enough repetitive motion to seal the deal and make those droopy eyelids give up the fight.

All in all, it was a successfully exhausting day for him. Nothing beats a sandy, sleepy little boy.

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