Friday, June 25, 2010

Kane at the Beach

Kane's recipe for a fun day at our local lake beach is simple. Start with toe digging. There's nothing much better than for a boy to dig his toes in the sand on a hot summer day.

Spend plenty of time working on a sand castle. Sand castle architecture is an important skill to develop. Study this picture closely for the proper face to make when building a sand castle. I believe all three are showing the proper pursing of the lips and furrowing of the brow.
And of course, one must get buried in the sand at least up to the knees.

Now, once buried in the sand, one must lean as far back as one can for full effect.

Next, lean forward as far as you can, being careful not to fall on your face. This could result in hysterical laughter, so be ware.

Finally, wrap up in your towel, eat and relax, lounging on your Papa's legs.

This recipe is sure to bring relaxed happiness and lead to early bedtime and a good night's sleep. Enjoy!

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