Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Restoration

We spent a wonderful Sunday last weekend with some friends at their beautifully secluded house in West Virginia. The kids had so much fun playing in the creek that runs by the house.

Okay, we ALL had fun, not just the kids. But the kids are the only ones that I have pictures of having fun. Max threw a LOT of rocks.

And did a lot of playing with Spencer, our host.

Kane tried to catch fish.

He also did a lot of running with Spencer.

Helena even cooled her feet off. She was happily entranced by the water.

She also met a new friend, Riley.

Bella, along with all the playing, spent some time relaxing with Laini.

At the end of the day, Spencer was kind enough to share his tractor with Maxwell.

And I couldn't think of a better end to a wonderful day than a relaxing nurse in the hammock.

It was our kind of restorative, wet and dirty, country day.

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