Monday, June 13, 2011

So Many Toughts

There are so many posts floating around in my head and in files of photos on this computer, but seemingly no time to put them on here. But I've made a decision. I have been beating myself up lately because I'm not posting enough, and it's been worse since we found Kane's 1st year calendar. There are so many little tidbits of info on there about his daily life that we are loving reading back about, and I have nothing like that in writing for Maxwell or Helena, but I have this blog. I'm having to remind myself that although I love to have readers stop by and enjoy my blog, it's just as much about logging our daily lives for the future for us. So I'll be trying to make more, simple, short posts, just so I have a record of some of our daily happenings to look back on with the kids one day.

To start, how about some pictures of Helena's new talent? 

The best part is when she makes it and does her "I DID IT!" stomp dance on the table top. Clearly, we now have to make sure that the chairs are always pushed in to the table.

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