Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nothing But The Kitchen Sink

There is a new and exciting development at the homestead. As of yet, we have had nothing in the way of certain modern comforts - no bathroom, no running water, no electricity. Those are the things that we are working on as our first projects - the septic system will go in, the electricity will be run, the basement plumbing and electricity will be run, the chimney and basement stove will go in - so that we can move in as soon as possible this autumn. But now that "nothing" has turned into "nothing BUT the kitchen sink." Yes, as of this weekend, Adam and our friend Jay whom has been helping out on our homestead project have installed a kitchen sink.

(It's not your average kitchen sink, but I think I prefer it. Who can beat a kitchen sink in the wide open this summer, with a view of clear blue sky over my head and wide open air around me? Suits me just fine)

When we pulled up to the homestead with dinner Monday evening, there was a very freshly plumbed well pump, and I couldn't be more thrilled. We now have a safe well site, with access to water for washing dishes and poison ivy covered legs without walking down to the creek with a bucket and dishwashing liquid.

Max learned quickly how to make that gorgeous red pump work to bring us cool, crisp water for washing.

Such a brilliant red, isn't it?

These hard-working men chiselled a whole into a large patio rock, placed it over the well, arranged the plumbing to pull that water up to the pump, and to top it all off, they built a stand to hold the old cast iron sink from the farmhouse.

They even rigged the old rusty gutter up under the sink as the drain, so the water doesn't drop back down into the well immediately.

Max was even excited to find that the skid steer had uncovered a batch of daffodil bulbs. "Look, Mama, they found me something to chop up!"

Mona helped as she could, but had to watch out for a nose-choppin' hammer.
I let him chop away.

I think I can spare a few. Plus, a happy Mama with a new outdoor kitchen sink is pretty relaxed about daffodil bulb chopping.

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