Saturday, April 16, 2011



I'm learning::

::knitting projects will get done, even if it happens just one row at a time.

::striving for manageability is much more fulfilling than striving for perfection.

::I can change my mind, and be okay with it.

::living a divided life in two "homes" is not as bad as I thought it would be.

::falling in love with a land before you reside upon it is beautiful.

::bumps, bruises and busted noses can be savored as growth if your perspective is adjusted, even on a one-year-old.

::spring cleaning as a family affair may take a little longer, but it can also be fun.

::Carolina Wrens are highly opportunistic, especially in old farm houses with no windows.

::because of said Carolina Wrens, I won't be reupholstering quite yet.

::taking the time to smell the flowers is divine, especially when it's a sea of Narcissus.

What are you learning about yourself or your situation these days?


  1. Your pictures are beautiful--I especially love the one of the siblings washing the floor! Reminds me of pippi longstocking "wash day"!

    Thanks for visiting "Our House" and come back anytime,
    Sarah M

  2. One thing I love about you; you can correctly identify Carolina Wrens and Narcissus.

  3. Thank you, Sarah! My daughter loved that you know Pippi. She is one of her favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

    Crysta, all that money towards a double college degree had to be for something, right???

  4. haha! i'm experiencing that same situation with Spring Cleaning: a little helper!
    wow! those narcissus! i know how fragrant those are. lovely!