Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Farewell

Today, the soul of an exceptional woman left this earth to join hands with her Father. She played many important roles in her life, but to me she was Aunt, Godmother and oh so much more. She was infinitely strong, loving, kind, and loyal. She was graceful, beautiful, hopeful and joyful. She was my biggest advocate, my strongest supporter, and my gentlest critic. She has been such an inspiration to so many people. I have spent the day processing my life and what she has done for it, and I have yet to say out loud that she is gone. I had these words that I had to put somewhere, easing the process of acceptance. I told my children how much she loved them as I kissed them, all tucked in to their beds. I have held them so near throughout the day, giving them extra hugs and kisses from her. I have to say farewell somewhere and admit that she is gone, this wonderful woman who meant so, so much to me. So today, I say farewell to one of my dearest friends, my Aunt Sue. I love you.

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  1. This is really great, I figured out it was taken at the get-together, but did you change the background? Thank you for this post.