Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Laze

Every now and then I have two days in a row that are plagued by a headache. If I take it easy and do, oh, pretty much nothing those days, I can usually keep from getting a full-blown, knock-me-out, light-and-cold-are-killer type of "migraine." So that's what I do. And I figure it's God's way of saying, "Hey you! Slow down! You're moving way too fast." I had that last week, and we spent one afternoon lazing about in the back yard on a blanket. Well, Laini and I did. What the rest did can come at a later time. That would way too many photos. It might give YOU a headache. I played around with my remote that I finally ordered for my camera and Laini and I watched what the others came up with to occupy their minds. It's not often, especially in this late summer season, that I take the time to just sit around and relax with my kids. I appreciate the headaches for that. I don't really appreciate feeling like crap while I'm relaxing, but that's just the way it is, I suppose. Helena is such a complete joy to be around. She is learning and doing so much now. And since she is sitting on her own, I'm loving the photos that I can get.

I can even get a kiss (which is a rare happening) with my remote...

The eyebrows are a must.

Ditto for the dimple.

Eeybrows with a blue sky behind. Priceless.

She is a very vocal baby, and she had something to say about that fish!

Ah, what fun. But now a sleepy husband tells me it is time to be done, time to cut his hair before he's out of town for business and I'm off to my parents' house. And Laini wakes and says, "Sorry 'bout your luck, Papa!" I'm off.

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