Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not So Lazy For The Boys

Recently, while I was spending a lazy summer day on the blanket with Helena, and Bella was doing this for an hour...

...the boys found some sticks and made up a game. That is pretty common place in our household. In fact, they bring sticks home just about everywhere we go, and they get kind of attached to certain sticks. Right now, under the train table in the play room, there is a duct-taped stick. That stick traveled from our dinner stop after a summer weekend away to Columbus for a stop at my husband's family's house. The next morning a frantic call was made to GiGi (my mother-in-law): "GiGi, Max was wondering if you know where his weed-eater stick is." Thankfully, GiGi is such a wonderful grandmother that she knew right where Max had left his weed-eater stick, and it then made the trip from Columbus to us the following week. It has since been broken and duct-taped twice. That's one special stick. The sticks in this particular story have been four-wheeler handle bars since this lazy summer day. The boys set up jumps for their four-wheelers and went ripping around the yard on them, sound effects and all. Max has really been Mr. MeToo with Kane lately, copying EVERYTHING that he does. Don't take my word for it - see for yourself. Kane jumps off of the tree.

Max jumps off the tree.

Kane zooms around and jumps over the bucket.

Max jumps over the bucket.

Kane's next jump is the tee-ball tee.

And by now I hope you can guess what came next.

It is a fun relationship to watch develope. Especially when it is under this pristine, crystal blue sky that we have had day after day this late summer.

It is my idea of a perfectly glorious lazy late-summer day.


  1. We did the same thing when we were little and I tell you that when my dad and brothers get together, they still make up games and now they've got my husband joining them:-)

  2. I'm hoping it becomes a tradition for us, too! Thanks for stopping by, Shanda.