Thursday, May 20, 2010


We grow good things around here: veggies, herbs, flowers (our gardens are doing wonderful this year), and kids....

We also grow imaginations.
Bella, with her play horse on the blue part of our area rug: "Kane, he's in the Uncling Pool." I ask what an Uncling Pool is. "You know, it's the pool that is only for uncles."

Bella comes to me with a story of Kane: "Mama, Kane said that the things he is making up are called The Gooeys, and that they ALWAYS have to mess things up. They put the TV to where it will never come off of pause and they're messing up our pterodactyl's nest!" I claim ownership of that idea. No one gets to write a book about that but me.

And Max, as we speak, has escaped, bare-bottomed, into the back yard, where he's walking around with his foam pirate sword doing a perfect weed-whacker impression. He has always been so good at imitating sounds. And Bella and Kane are following to look for Blue Beak and Pink Legs, our two newly-fledged and aptly-named Mo Does (Morning Doves).

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