Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Love

Helena is nearly 4 months old now. As that reality is sinking in, I am trying to take the time to appreciate every little thing about her. Like when she wakes up from her nap and you walk in to find her pushed up, craning around to look for you. I know before I know it she will be turned over when I walk in to get her. She is so close to rolling over. And I'm all ready for all of her new steps, her growth. I love it, because it means I have a healthy, happy baby, but knowing that it is coming makes me pause and appreciate the now, the moment that we are all in.

I take time to nibble on her toes. Her sweet, petite little girl toes. They are nothing like the hulky bear paws that Kane was born with, or the rolly pudge that Max had by this age. They are slender little girl toes, just like her sister had. And I love them.

I take time to take her picture. Like last week, when she and her big brother (covered in marker chicken pox) were snuggled on the bed after their naps. He loves his sister so much, even though he has to share his oofing with her. He is so gentle, so loving, and she soaks it all in. I love what all that love is making her, and I love when I get her reactions in photo (I almost said on film in a knee-jerk reaction).

Seriously? All this touchy feely loving right when I wake up? He's lucky I'm so amiable...
I'm soaking it all up, minute by minute, moment by moment, before these moments are gone. Amidst the cleaning, gardening, cooking, laundry, this endless list of everyday mundane responsibilities, my biggest responsibility needs to be loving my children in their moments. My camera helps me do just that, as does this blog. When it's hard to remember to savor every moment, I am reminded here to do just that. And for that I am thankful. 


  1. I really like the picture of Helena pushing up, and Max's chichen pox!!!!! Nan

  2. The picture of Laini reminds me of the one we have of Ethan on the bed pushing up like that...