Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March to April

March marched on, and winter had a hard time letting go. On many many mornings, snow swirled all around us. It would promptly stop, melt off of the ground, and leave behind ample mud. But in the cold mornings it was beautiful.

Large puffy flakes came down in bounds. We have had our fill of snow this season, and we're happy for that. We love winter, and we loved living here at our homestead for our first winter with all the glorious snow. But as is the norm this time of year, spring fever is settling in to us all. And it seems like April is going to give us all that we are craving.

I believe that we can finally say that we have the last snow behind us, and glorious sun, warming days, and flowers ahead. Bella has begun the great daffodil count every day. She came in the first day, over a week ago, so happy for 32. Then in days she was amazed by 146. Today, she and Helena counted 461.

And it is just beginning. Apparently March snow brings April flowers. Might not have quite the same ring to it as the time-honored saying, but this year it works. Thanks for the snow, March, and the appreciation of sun. Now bring it on, April. Bring it on.

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