Monday, May 28, 2012

Full Hands

The comment comes constantly. "Boy, you've got your hands FULL!" Every day out shopping for groceries, every Sunday after church, every public event, every much-loved trip to the library. It used to get under my skin. I have had my conditioned responses. The first was "Better full than empty." Then, after a dear friend pointed it out to me, I changed for fear of injuring a soul who may just have empty hands for any number of reasons and wished they didn't. Then came "Yes, full of love!" But oh, that just didn't sum it up. Now I just smile and say, "Yes, I do." I am proud to have my hands full. People do not mean it as a degradation at all. I know that at least most don't. It is just a conditioned response to seeing a Mama with so many little ones crowded around. But I am so blessed to have my hands full of so many things. Countless things, like hope, love, pride, responsibility, integrity, joy, promise, future, fun, strength, wisdom, patience, passion, ability, beauty, projects, messes, God's vast blessings... Yes, I do have my hands full. SO FULL. And I'm thankful that I do.

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