Friday, December 2, 2011

{this moment}?

A little rule breaking for me this week on {this moment}. I figure I've already been breaking the rules for months of this being a weekly ritual. Why not step up my naughtiness this week with words? I've asked myself lately why I have been so absent from this space of mine. I love it so, and I love the creative process of telling my stories, the memories I am saving for our familly, and the time spent appreciating the important things here. I love that there are some of you who follow this or check in often to catch a glimpse of what we are doing, also. The answer I have come up with in my questioning is that we are so busy living life at this moment that I feel I foget to take time to jot it down. And I think I'm okay with that. We are in such a beautiful yet hectic place in life. We are deep into homeschooling the oldest two (although the younger two get their share, I have two registered homeschoolers now), so we are learning all the time. We are building a barn into a home. We are on our own Monday through Thursday while Adam leaves at 6 am and returns home at 9 pm (if he returns at all some nights). We are scrambling to finish Christmas gifts for beloved friends and family. We are packing and downsizing in preparation for the day we get to move to our farm. Little Number Five will be here before we know it, and some days I just need to rest. Life is so full. There will be another side to this chaos. I know it will be just another form of chaos, with new garden plots to prepare, chickens to hatch and raise, and still a barn above our heads to build into our home while we camp out in our basement space. But perhaps it will afford some more time to just slow down and take it all in a little better. Until then, I will do what I can here and in every other aspect of what it means to be me/us right where I/we are.

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