Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Diggers

Admittedly I am behind on my garden. That's okay with me. I had to give some things up this year, and one of them was growing my own plants from seed. With that lack of motivation and a homestead distraction, we don't even have anything in the ground yet. But by the end of this week we will for sure. At least that is my goal. Of course if everyone gets the stomach virus that Kane and I have just come down with, that goal might have to be pushed back into next week. But at least I have  a little help with the preparation of the garden. My little diggers were working hard Saturday. The older two weren't really interested in gardening, but the younger three were (dog included in that number). Helena is really getting into "DUUURT" this year, and is always there to help out.
Max and Mona pitched in their fair share also. Max shows her how it's done, but Mona is quite the natural digger on her own.  I have been working with her to get her to stop when I say enough is enough. She has to learn some boundaries in the garden if she's to be allowed in after we plant.
"But Mama, your dirt that you grow in your garden is so tasty. Why must I stop?"
At least if she has to rest, she rests happy. This is THE picture of a happy pooch.


  1. Love the picture of Laini, had it been raining, and looks like Max was working really hard!! See you all Thur. Nan

  2. Nope, no rain that day. Just a sled full of hose water! And yes, Max is always putting all he has into his work.